Did their brawl really go down or did they just build anticipation for their performances?

The more we hear from Chris Brown and Usher, the more people are skeptical on whether or not they fought. Moreover, Usher’s Lovers & Friends Festival recently took place just a day after Brown and his crew allegedly jumped his fellow R&B star, which sent fans into a social media frenzy. For one, people know that the two have a pretty close relationship and show each other love, so this was surprising from the jump. However, many also pointed out the “Yeah 3x” singer’s history of alleged brawls and other controversies, placing blame solely on him for this incident. Still, at least from what the stage indicates, they are both fine.

Not only did Usher perform at the festival as originally expected, but Chris Brown also put on quite the show at the Las Vegas festival. Performing through some of his biggest hits and bringing out special guests like Tyga, it seems like the whole alleged altercation between them went unaddressed from both parties. Despite every publication reporting on their supposed brawl, one would think that the Confessions star wouldn’t allow his assailant to perform at his festival. As such, either it didn’t happen at all or he just didn’t get it done in time.

Chris Brown Takes The Stage At Usher’s Festival

Regardless of many signs pointing to “no” on the rumor, others heard from reportedly close sources about what went down at the birthday party. Furthermore, it seems like Chris Brown was apparently mad at Teyana Taylor for attending after she skipped his Michael Jackson tribute performance at the VMAs, which was then canceled. Brown then told Taylor to leave the party, and a verbal altercation between the two ensued. Reportedly, that’s when Usher stepped in to ease tensions and allegedly caught a bloody nose as a result.

No matter what’s going on between the two, neither an actual fight nor rumors of one seemed to faze their commitment to performing. Of course, they are both stars in that department of the R&B world, with the “GLU” artist boasting a massive Las Vegas residency as of late. Until we hear directly from either source, fans will continue to debate this scuffle’s authenticity. On that note, come back to Write4me.bio for the latest news and updates on Usher and Chris Brown.