Wait until you see what Doja Cat has in store for her album rollout if you thought Kanye West’s previous album releases have been perplexing. The genre-defying recording artist’s follow-up to 2021’s Planet Her, which is due out later this year, has been eagerly anticipated by fans for a long time. According to a recent tweet, the Californian has apparently changed her mind about the project’s original name, Hellmouth. “It’s not called ‘hEllMoUth’ either, it’s called ‘First of All,’” Doja wrote in a tweet earlier this week. “And yes I’m announcing the album title right now.”

The “Woman” songstress returned on Thursday (May 11) with another update following the days spent observing how people reacted to that news. “Everyone so angyyyyyyyyyyy MUUUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA,” She acknowledged the clear dissatisfaction with her previous actions in a tweet earlier this afternoon. Doja then said that she had a new name, which she wanted everyone to start using to identify her.

Doja Cat Reveals Her New Name

“My stage name is no longer Doja Cat,” the 27-year-old boldly declared. “It’s Emcee Flapchunks the 3rd, and you’ll address me as such.” Thankfully, some followers have been matching the lyricist’s energy in her replies, writing things like, “I hope [you] have a bad day ’cause I have to change all my passwords from dojacathater to emceeflapchunkshater now.” Another comedic response reads, “Pls point me to Emcee Flapchunks the 1st and 2nd.” Elsewhere, fed-up fans are begging Doja to quit trolling and drop some new music already.