Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are nearing their first wedding anniversary in July after calling off their first engagement 20 years ago.

Ben Affleck, 50, joined his wife Jennifer Lopez, 53, as she led arrivals at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film The Mother yesterday.

While the pair made a dapper entrance to the lavish event, things between the couple seemed tense as they appeared to have an argument while walking the red carpet.

In a strained interaction captured by photographers at the event, Jennifer and Ben seemingly disagreed as they both made stern pointing gestures during a seemingly heated conversation, leaning in closer to each other as words were exchanged.

Elsewhere in the evening, the pair were pictured in a PDA-packed moment as they shared cuddles, giggles and a smooch.

This isn’t the first time the couple has been spotted in an apparent tense exchange after a similar experience at the Grammy Awards in February.

The singer seemed frustrated with her husband as he whispered something in her ear.

However, Ben later explained that the incident was simply misconstrued as he had made a joke about leaving Jennifer alone with the host, Trevor Noah, after noticing that they would be in the background of the live shot.