Although it lacks transcendence, Coi Leray drops a confident, energetic, and highly entertaining rap banger with “Bops.”

Four words: “Bitch, I got bops.” Woo! CoiLeray comes out swinging on her brief but potent rap single,  “Bops”.  Backed by an electric and infectious percussive groove produced by Johnny Goldstein, that also includes exuberant synths hits, Leray has ample fuel for her fire.  It is safe to say, Goldstein’s sharp, minimalist production sets up the rapper for a surefire – wait for it – BOP!






Of course, the star of the show is Coi Leray herself.  No, she doesn’t deliver transcendent bars, but she exhibits plenteous attitude, confidence, and personality.  “Pull up in a spaceship, call me Neptune,” she spits in the first verse, finishing it off with “Two-step, hit a slide when I walk through.” WOO! In the second verse she asserts, “And these bitches mad [at her], they blame it on TikTok / And these bitches mad I got all of these big bops, hold on.” Undoubtedly, there are bees that are envious of Coi.  As fun as the verses are, the pre-chorus and chorus is where the bop is truly made.  She touts her drip, her excellence, and memorably describes haters as “Hatin’ ass hoes, yeah, that bitch a big opp.” If you hadn’t noticed, Coi uses the word bitch, like, a lot.  Regardless of the fact that   “Bops” is not a game changing, groundbreaking, transcendent record, Coi Leroy does drop an energetic and highly entertaining bop – NO  CAP  !!!