Wayne is actually one rapper you can’t be mad at for crowning themselves.

Sure, it’s a debate that is decades old at this point and will never fade and although my personal pick would probably differ, of all the rappers who can say they’re the greatest MC… Lil Wayne is arguably one that for sure can throw his name in the battle. Whether it’s due to his historic catalog or his most recent excellent singles and features, either category holds massive weight. Of course, Wayne knows this, and declared as such during his final stop of the “Welcome To Tha Carter” tour.

“I am the realest motherf***er in the game right now,” Lil Wayne told the crowd at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California on Saturday night (May 13). “Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t give a f**k what you think you’re looking at, but you are looking at the best rapper alive.” However, the rhymer’s final tour stop came as a disappointment to many because of its mid-show cancellation. In addition, his team canceled the scheduled livestream of the event hours before.

Ironically, Wayne may be able to too his own horn but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t pay respect to his own favorites that came before him. During a recent conversation with Missy Elliott, Lil Wayne spoke on his love for her. “As a kid before Jay- this before I even knew a Jay-Z existed- I was into Missy Elliott,” he remarked. “You know it was because you were able to say things that I would want to say as I’m rapping. You not only made me like- you made me love it. And I became so interested in you. And what happened was I bought the album and did not know that you really was spitting like… you know what I mean. You know I spit that verse to you all the time. So, it was you and Cee-Lo Green was who I would listen to at the time a lot.”

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old also spoke on his legendary 100+ feature run in 2007. His insane work ethic, even if it impacted his consistency, is another argument in his corner. But the question remains: do you think he’s the best rapper alive? If not, who’s your pick?