DJ/Producer Marshmello and R&B singer/songwriter Brent Faiyaz collaborate on a short but enjoyable R&B single, “Fell In Love.”

ou ain’t fall in love with me,”  BrentFaiyaz (Christopher Brent Wood) asserts in the chorus of  Fell In Love.  The R&B standout continues singing, “You feel in love with the man I could be.” Intriguing.  While it is Faiyaz that lends his soulful vocals to this brief, two-minute joint, he collaborates with the one-and-only Marshmello. Marshmello produces “Fell in Love” alongside Chrome Sparks.  The backdrop distances itself away from dance vibes opting for a tried-and-true, love oriented R&B track. Basically, she has a hard time trusting him given his sus actions in the past.



Faiyaz, or at least his character throughout “Fell In Love,” has been imperfect.  In the first verse, she characterizes him as no good. Oh, snap! He defends himself, also asserting he can be there for her and offers himself: “I free my night if you wanna do somethin’ / But I’m takin’ your direction.”  The vibe is similar in the second verse, where he admits, “I can’t even hug a bitch, she don’t know,” which suggests she doesn’t trust him. Basically, the situation is tense.  Faiyaz has feelings for her, but also seems to be exhausted with her relentless skepticism.  Will the relationship right itself? Only time will tell, and with just two minutes of song, we only get a hint.  The good news is, this uncharacteristic Marshmello / Brent Faiyaz collaboration is enjoyable.  No, “Fell In Love” is not the second coming, but it’s worth listening to for sure!