Canadian R&B standout The Weeknd links up with ATL rap superstar Future for “Double Fantasy,” a single from the HBO series, The Idol.

Temperature risin’, bodies united / Now that I trapped you in my arms.” Ooh wee, The Weeknd (AbelTesfaye)! That sugar honey iced tea right there is da-yum sexy.  The lyrics hail from the pre-chorus of his single, “Double Fantasy”, which hails from the HBO original series,  The Idol.  The Grammy-winning Canadian R&B singer collaborates with ATL’s finest, Future (Nayvadius Wilburn).  “Double Fantasy” was written by Tesfaye and Wilburn alongside Leland Wayne and MIKE DEAN.  The Weeknd and Dean produce alongside the always ill  Metro Boomin. The results are positive, all said and done .

“Double Fantasy” commences with ripe but warm synths and a sensual sounding saxophone solo.  This prefaces sensual vocals by The Weeknd.  Honestly, early on, the sound almost reminisces to his music of the past.  As always, he impresses with his tone, which is truly distinct and beautiful. By the first verse (the record begins with pre-chorus and chorus), “Double Fantasy” gains more tempo and a consistent, anchoring groove.  Tesfaye becomes even freer and more expressive in his performance.  This plays well into the guest verse by Future, who fits perfectly with his style of rapping and the cadence/flow he serves up (“Love when you fuckin’ me, talkin’, I know what you doin’ / Caught up in love, what the fuck is we doin’? / Models and bottles with us, ain’t nothin’ to it / I tell you, ‘I got you, that’s well understood”). At times, I have had criticism for the Atlanta, melodic trap rapper, but he’s the ideal fit.  After he delivers that true-to-self verse, The Weeknd concludes this gorgeous track sensationally.  Notably, there is a briefer radio edit that shortens the intro.

All in all, The Weeknd, with the help of Future deliver a fabulous single with “Double Fantasy”.Yes, it is a soundtrack cut, but it is a soundtrack cut that is successful as a standalone track.  Ultimately, it is well performed by both artists and definitely well produced.