On his single, “Chemical,” rapper/singer/songwriter Post Malone doubles down on the pop/rock sound and struggles to end an unhealthy relationship

Oxytocin makin’ it all okay / When I come back down, it doesn’t feel the same.” Woo! It’s a certain drug,  Post Malone – a drug called LOVE.  On  “Chemical”, the  Grammy-nominated rapper/singer/songwriter appears to be addicted… to a relationship.  Things are NOT going swimmingly, yet on this pop/rock record, there appears to be no end in sight regarding the union.


Vocally, Post Malone serves up respectable performance. As always, that signature vibrato rears its head early on in the first verse as well as in the chorus. Speaking of the chorus, it serves as the centerpiece, and by far, the most memorable lyrics of the single:

“Outside of the party, smokin’ in the car with you

‘Seven Nation Army,’ fightin’ at the bar with you

Tell you that I’m sorry, tell me what I gotta do

‘Cause I can’t let go, it’s chemical

No, I can’t let go, it’s chemical.”

Woo! Way to bring The White Stripes in! Even beyond the chorus, it is clear that he can’t quit her: “Every time I’m ready to make a change / You turn around and fuck out all my brains.” Ah, makeup sex – it can go a long way, even in a toxic relationship.  Beyond the theme and lyrics, the music itself is worth mentioning. Again, Post embraces the pop/rock sound, arguably doubling down on it compared to the past. All in all, it works.  He produced “Chemical” alongside  Louis Bell and watt, a winning team for sure.

“Chemical” by Post Malone change your life? Eh, probably not, but given the type of artist he is, this sound and vibe works for him.  It is an enjoyable – definitely worth a listen or two