Grammy-winning pop singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran focuses on overcoming adversity on “Boat,” the second single from his sixth LP, Subtract.

Ineed to feel elements to remind me / There’s beauty when it’s bleak.” Thoughtful lyrics,  Ed Sheeran.  The Grammy-winning pop singer/songwriter returns with the second single, “Boat”, from his sixth studio album, Subtract. “Boat” serves as the opener of Sheeran’s final mathematical-themed album. He wrote the record alongside Aaron Dessner who produces the track Boat.


commences with guitar accompaniment and Ed Sheeran’s voice – a nice combination, all told. Interestingly, there are no drums with the guitar carrying the rhythm. As always, Sheeran sounds lovely from a vocal perspective, delivering a tuneful melody. “Boat” could be characterized as a blend of folk-pop + a singer/songwriter vibe.  Notably, in the second verse, there is more production – additional musical cues and a greater dynamic level.  One of the sweet touches are the harmonized vocals that appear during the second iteration of the chorus.  Thematically, “Boat” focuses on overcoming adversity, which is prevalent in life. The chorus sums things up superbly:

“The more that I love, the less that I feel

The times that I jumped never were real

They say that all scars will heal, but I know

Maybe I won’t

But the waves won’t break my boat

But the waves won’t break my boat.”

All in all, Ed Sheeran delivers a second respectable single in advance of Subtract.  Is “Boat” the second coming? No, but it is thoughtful and definitely uplifting, particularly as he asserts, “But the waves won’t break my boat.” It is a solid preface to Subtract.