Grammy-winning pop sensation Lizzo taps Grammy-winning R&B standout SZA for a fabulous remix of her uplifting anthem, “Special.”

In case nobody told you today / You’re special!” Say that, Lizzo! The uplifting “Special” marks one of the brightest spots from Lizzo’s sophomore album, also titled,  Special.  Yes, the Grammy-winning “About Damn Time” is the song to beat from Special, but “Special” is a close second.  Notably, post-65th Annual Grammys, Lizzo unveiled the  “Special (Remix)” which features fellow Grammy-winner,  SZA. Also, it’s worth noting that SZA has her own song called  “Special” on her 2022 sophomore LP, SOS.  Dang, that’s a lot of specialness! Can you keep up?

Anyways, following the Lizzo intro from the original, SZA performs the first verse.  The verse is brand-new obviously, given the original verse is tailored to Lizzo specifically.  Still, the issue of judgment plays a role. SZA asserts, “I’m just actin’ up, I’m crass as fuck, and never sayin’ so / Found out in the end that I can only do it for me.”  She goes on to add, “All I know is only God can judge me / I don’t hide my heart, I wear it on me.” Amen!  From there, the pre-chorus and chorus are mostly Lizzo, with ad-libs from SZA which add some spice.  The second verse is retained from the original, which is a surefire win (“How could you throw fuckin’ stones if you ain’t been through her pain?”) From there, most of the changes on this remix include ad-libs and some collaborative portions.

The original, Lizzo exclusive  “Special”is sufficient – an awesome song.  Likewise, “Special (Remix)”, featuring SZA, is a vibe too. Two black women collaborating on a record that centers around positivity? That’s awesome!