Timbaland has conquered addiction, failure, and a whole lot more — and, he credits Drake and JAY-Z for seeing him through the darkest times, in a way.

The super-producer went on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe on Monday (May 15), and detailed how the two rap superstars helped him break through the throes of his addiction, thanks to them being unafraid to “check” him when things got scary.

“JAY-Z is a prophet,” he said. “God sent him. I ain’t never seen nobody like him. Hov actually raised me, and he don’t even know it. He raised me in the music business. He was so prolific, so wise beyond his age, that I was just amazed at just watching him. That’s why I had a different bond with Jay when it comes to my music. We was rewriting the Bible, in a way.”

He continued: “Even Drake told me. That’s why I’m like, these guys are special to the world. Now, once they give you the information, it’s up to you to use it. I didn’t come out until the darkness, man, and that’s why I say, it’s all love with these guys. They helped me during my darkest moment.”

Timbaland isn’t the first artist to claim that Drizzy and Hova breathe rarified air.

During an interview with the Drink Champspodcast on Saturday (May 13), Rick Rossdelved into many aspects of his career, including his collaborative relationship with Drizzy over the years and the exclusive class he and his other two rap contemporaries share.

“Me and Drizzy, our relationship is most definitely is real close,” Rick Ross said. “Imma be honest, I don’t know how much music we got because it’s so easy working with the homie. Imma be honest. We in the two percentile hen it comes to writers and creators. It’s called a two percentile. The two percentile — listen, if you not ready for this…. walk out of the room. But the two percentile is when you walk into the room, you hear something, a beat or a production that you actually love and can actually create it, write it, and execute it right then. I can’t say I’ve done that with many artists. It’s not even five artists.”

He continued: “He [Drake] is in the two percentile. And me being in the game over 20 years — And imma be honest, I understand when you working with Rozay, you don’t want that type of pressure on you. You come to the studio with me, it’s very few people that’s comfortable enough to listen to a beat, take my direction from it and create something in that moment, record it right then, and stand on it.”