Grammy-winning rapper Macklemore, assisted by DJ Premier, comes out guns blazing on “HEROES,” a promo single from his 2023 LP, BEN

When I grew up, criminals were my heroes.”  Now that is quite the assertion, Macklemore! The Grammy-winning rapper brings the heat on  “HEROES”, a promo single from his 2023 album, BEN(arrives March 3, 2023). BEN marks Macklemore’s first album in more than five years (GEMINIarrived in September 2017). “HEROES” features incredible, old-school, dusty hip-hop production courtesy of Budo (think boom bap). The beat totally knocks! Of course, it should be noted, the record samples “Tiger Trot” by Leroi Conroy.  Given the sample, and Budo’s own skills, the backdrop has plenty of charm, with its horns, keys, scratches.

Still, the star(s) are Macklemore and his featured guest, DJ Premier. DJ Premier is responsible for the chorus: “Pick up the mic, put your money where your mouth is / Doin’ petty crimes, back in the days…” As for Macklemore, he’s on fire over the course of two verses.  He delivers an agile, aggressive flow, with plenty of personality. It all begins with that ‘criminal’ opening line from the first verse.  It doesn’t stop there of course, as Macklemore goes in, bar after bar after bar.  Memorably, you heart it when he asserts, “By sixteen, I had an MPC / (It was hip hop’s fault) That I wanted to grow up / Sell drugs, smoke blunts, drink Mad Dog and fuck.” Woo! Also memorable: “Wanted a perm like DJ Quik / My mama said, ‘Ben, are you aware your hair is way too thin?’”

All told, Macklemore is back strong on “HEROES”. This old-school, boom bap styled rap joint is nothing short of a vibe. Criticize ‘Ben’ all you want but on “HEROES,” he absolutely tears it TF up! WOO!