A nice and good nap will keep you fresh and lively for the rest of the day but rapper-singer Drake has taken things up a notch with his mattress worth thousands of dollars. It is not only freakishly expensive, but the material from which it’s made up will blow your mind. For someone known for his lavish and extravagant expenses, even for him, this is way too bizarre and outlandish. Scroll below to check out the netizens’ reaction to this information.

The singer is known to hold private concerts in fancy hotel suits for his close friends, which goes until early mornings, and everyone raves about them. It would not be wrong to say that the rapper knows how to live his life to the fullest, and he makes sure to include others in the mix as well; even when it comes to sleep, he doesn’t compromise with it and goes all out to enjoy a relaxing goodnight sleep.

The Twitter page, Daily Loud, shared a post revealing that Drake sleeps in a $395,000 mattress made out of horse hair and stingray skin. Yes, you read that right! The compressed leather is called ‘Grand Vividus’ and it apparently takes about 600 hours to make, as per rumours. The Hotline Bling singer was the first to get his hands on this ridiculously expensive mattress.

The netizens’ reaction to this is not very different from what we feel, and we are pretty sure you feel the same way. Reacting to Drake’s luxurious mattress, one Twitterati writes, “Rich people problems.” Another pointed out, “No wonder he’s always singing about s*x,” followed by “I sleep on concrete,” “Amber Heard telling herself she’s gotta get in that room.”

Some even worried about the animals and wrote, “Protect your horses,” while others wrote, “Rich people confuse me so much,” and, “Yet my nut a*s still on a air mattress.”

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