Ice Spice has set the internet ablaze with both her hits and her looks since her August 2022 debut – and a newly-surfaced picture has showed fans she definitely get it from her mama.

On Thursday (May 11), Twitter account @AuxGod posted a 2021 photo allegedly featuring the Bronx rapper and her mom – and it immediately went viral.

“Y’all can have Ice Spice, I want her Moms,” one person wrote. “Which one is which??” another said – echoing similar sentiments from another Twitter user who wrote, “Legit can’t tell which one is Ice Spice.”

Not too much is known about Ice Spice’s family, outside of her mom being of Dominican descent and her father being Black. It’s also been reported that she’s the oldest of five siblings, and that she and her mom are 17 years apart.

Ice Spice has allegedly caught the eye of multiple men in the industry, including Drake and NBA star Jordan Poole. The latter is rumored to have taken Ice out on a $500,000 date – which Cam’ron and Ma$e recently roasted him over on their sports talk show, It Is What It Is.

“Jordan Poole, you spent $500,000 on an Ice Spice date,” Killa began. “You’re a munch and you’re playing like a fucking munch. This is not you from last year, bro. Go back to Milwaukee and figure it the fuck out and get back in the playoffs ’cause you look crazy.

“‘Cause I had your back last year. You got n-ggas out here talking ’bout, ‘What was all that Jordan Poole you was poppin’?’ You fuckin a munch. Nah, he’s a munch, ’cause I had his back.”

He continued: “A lot of n-ggas don’t know Jordan Poole was in the G League and then he had the comeback, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, n-gga got his just due.’ Now, you a munch. I better see a fucking difference.

“Let me tell you something, what Steph Curry’s doing, this is what Steph Curry’s doing: he’s putting you out there next to n-ggas your age, Ja Morant’s killing you… he’s pissing me off, I’m sick of this n-gga.”

Co-host Ma$e echoed Cam’ron’s scathing sentiment by saying: “Give him a towel. Killa, you’re sweating too much. This n-gga Jordan Poole, I knew he was bugging. This n-gga did an in-and-out and ran a n-gga over.”

Cam continued: “‘Cause he’s erratic. What happens is this: when you start dating the Ice Spice’s, the people, they say, ‘Boo watching.’ ‘Let me get all crazy ’cause boo [watching].’ She don’t give a fuck, she from the Bronx, bro … Jordan Poole, next time you go to New York … you’re gon’ see what you spent $500,000 on and be like, ‘Yo, I was wilin.’”

Ma$e then joked that Poole could’ve won over Ice Spice by simply buying her “a pizza,” before Cam’ron admitted: “I ain’t mean to go that deep on Jordan Poole but I’m sick of this shit.”