Calm Down is a typical, mid tempo love song. Typical in the sense that Rema is trying to express how much he loves a girl and how her love is driving him crazy. He also talked about the simplicity of this babe and even though she likes “Yanga”, she is still down to heart.

The Picture Rema is trying to paint with Calm Down is Beautiful, But the lyrics didn’t do justice. The lyrics lack depth, uniqueness, it is just there. Lyrics make up 30% of the song while the remaining is to be split between the Beat and Vocals of the artist.

The lyrics of Calm down is not bad, but they’re not great either. It lacked originality, depth, creaminess, and excitement.

Surprisingly, I’m not mad about the constant repetition of words, I’m just disappointed that Rema didn’t focus more on lyrics and give it a little bit of creativity like he did with Soundgasm even though the latter is dirtier and sultry.

Yes! If I’m to rate the beat of Calm Down, I will give it a solid 10!! The beat is exceptional. It’s catchy, groovy, intense and the producer (AndreVibez) did a great job for a mid tempo song.

It gave me a vibe of Soundgasm and a touch of Bounce. I would describe it as a mixture of the two, but it is a good mixture and I love it!

Rema didn’t disappoint in delivering mad vocals. I was still able to get the indie sound that many made fun of but have surprisingly become his signature vibe. It was Prominent here unlike Soundgasm.

Rema is probably one of the artists with the best melody. From the calm down part to the No no no no, Woah woah woah woah, Oh oh oh oh… Baby come give me your Lo lo lo love woah woah woah, he got my attention and in no time I was singing that melodious part like I’ve known it all my life.

Though the Oh and woah sounded like something he took from ‘Ginger’, but I’m not mad about it. Ginger is a good jam and Rema is allowed to take a little something from his songs.

All being said, Calm Down is a lovely song. It is not annoying, irritating, but it lacks excitement. It’s one of those songs you listen to when you don’t have anything exciting to listen to. It’s not a bad song, but it’s not Rema’s type of mad jam.

Although the Savage community (Twitter) surprisingly likes Calm Down, I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it either. Some of Rema’s fans who weren’t feeling the Jam described the jam as the New Rema. Well this New Rema better work on his lyrics or fans might forget both the new and old Rema.