2022 Bulletin Award nominee Glorilla had one of the biggest songs of the summer with the anthemic Hitkidd-produced “FNF.” Although that track was recently treated to a remix with JT and Latto, it’s time to shift our attention to Glorilla’s newest hit, the updated Cardi B-assisted version of “Tomorrow.”

Titled “Tomorrow 2,” the new collaboration between the two rappers is a sequel to the original “Tomorrow” which Glorilla released as a part of CMG The Label’s collaborative album Gangsta Art. Over a piano-inflected Macaroni Toni beat, Cardi and Glorilla trade verses about paying no mind to their detractors and stressing self-reliance above all else. Here, Glorilla gets more space to show off her chops with a lengthy verse that finds her weaving her Memphis accent around the track’s brooding bass with lyrics like “Why would I go chase you if I know you gon’ come runnin’ back? / Cut everybody off, lately been feelin’ like the lumberjack.”

Cardi, on the other hand, delivers her best verse in quite some time. Not only is her “Tomorrow 2” verse good enough to forgive her for the travesty that was “Hot Shit,” but it’s also good enough to be ranked alongside her all-time great guest verses like “No Limit,” “MotorSport,” and “Clout.” “I don’t speak dog ho (Woof), I don’t care what no bitch say / I stay on her mind, I got condos in that bitch head / She say she don’t fuck with me (Who?), who said that you can, ho? / That nigga a munch and he gon’ eat me like a mango,” she spits. Cardi achieves the perfect balance between aggression and humor with this verse. She’s currently peerless when it comes to the level of charisma she brings to her verses, and “Tomorrow 2” is the perfect showcase. Every line is quotable because they’re equal parts technically sound and entertaining. Moreover, Cardi’s energy in her delivery is so infectious that she can sell you on just about anything.

“Tomorrow 2” is easily one of mainstream rap’s strongest collaborations of the year simply because both artists sound like they’re having fun. Of course, this begs the question of just how dangerous an original collaboration between Glorilla and Cardi would be.