Soulja Boy is a fan of Ice Spice. He brought up the Bronx native during a recent interview with Bootleg Kev. The host asked Soulja who his favorite artists are at the moment, and the rapper brought up Ice Spice. He also claimed he was “talking” to her before her star skyrocketed.

“I like Ice Spice, I ain’t gonna cap,” Soulja said. “They gonna be like, ‘He picked a girl,’ but yeah, she new, she popping, I like what she doing. On gang, I found out about her before she got popping off.”

He continued, “I was talking to her and her shit just took off. I like seeing shit like that, like a muthafucka just be under the radar and then just take off. I like seeing shit like that.”

Bootleg Kev later asked Soulja if he would ever work with Ice Spice. He said they’ve already discussed making music together. “Hell yeah! We already talked. I be talking to her. Shout out to Ice Spice, she cool. I like what she doing, for sure.”

Ice Spice had a colossal 2022, with multiple chart-topping records—and hit the ground running this year, releasing her debut EP Like..? in January. Her stardom generated a lot of label interest, and she eventually signed with Capitol Records and 10K projects.

10K co-president Zach Friedman recently told Billboard that the 23-year-old owns her masters and publishing. She also has full creative control over her music.

“No one on the label side touches the music,” Friedman told the publication. “There is no traditional A&R with her. No one’s picking beats, no one’s saying, ‘Do this, do that.’ It’s all her. We’re on her schedule.”

Soulja has also wracked up numerous accolades over the years, including being the first rapper to go viral on YouTube. In 2007, the 32-year-old released “Crank Dat” and its accompanying video to the streaming platform, which became a viral smash. The song later hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 2007.