The Grammy-winning rapper has unveiled her third record of the year as she continues to work on her sophomore studio album. “Pressurelicious,” her first joint venture with Future, comes after “Sweetest Pie,” featuring Dua Lipa, and “Plan B,” which was nominated for a Bulletin Award.

A contrast from the sweet pop deliciousness of “Sweetest Pie” and the 90s East Coast sound of “Plan B,” “Pressurelicious” finds Megan and Future trading bars over a nasty trap rhythm produced by Hitkidd (“F.N.F.”) and Payday (“Rich”).

Megan delivers well-known rhymes about her famed posterior over a regular club music (“Take a picture, shake my ass, now your nigga pressed to hit it, pressurelicious”). as well as her money (“Take a picture of my bag, now these bitches are pressed to get it”). With the exception of the ostensibly funny Mario quip, “I’m stompin’ on hoes so muhfuckin’ hard, I’m knockin’ out Mario tokens,”

There isn’t much new or fascinating information provided by Megan. In reality, she already used this sound in the far better song “Movie” from 2020’s Good News. However, her flow in the second verse is a welcome change from the often staccato style she uses for most of the song. The two rappers wisely choose to rap alongside one another in each stanza, going bar-for-bar with each other. Future, who recently released the unimpressive I Never Liked You, devotes an astounding seven lines in a row to Adderall. In all honesty, that is the only thing that is more absurd than the term “pressurelicious.”

She has released three tracks for 2022 so far, and “Pressurelicious” is unquestionably the least intriguing. The song is forgettable but passable due to its blandness.