Ciara, the unstoppable force behind hits like ‘Level Up’, is back and ready to take the dance floor once again with her latest single ‘Jump’. Since her last album, Beauty Marks, Ciara has embraced motherhood and signed a new deal with Uptown and Republic Records, and now she’s ready to bring us a dance song that has no problem.

Produced by a dream team of Theron Thomas, Sam Sumser, Sean Small and Ciara herself, “Jump” is a dance number that embraces its true essence without any pretense. What makes Ciara’s dance songs so remarkable is her unabashed sense of fun. She doesn’t try to make it deeper than it is; instead, she simply invites us to join her in a world where either utopia or dystopia rules, and all we have to do is dance. The scary, frenetic production is the perfect playground for Ciara to assemble her dance legion and sing along: “East side, jump, West side, jump / Let’s fix this / North side, jump, South side, jump.” Effortlessly switch between seductive verses and an energetic hook that demands your attention.

Ciara’s ability to give each song the same level of conviction and intensity with which she dances makes her dance numbers quintessential. From the wonderfully cheesy and playful intro of “Just Understand Me, Player” to the way its tone evolves from teasing to authoritative, Ciara’s vocal performance is what really takes the song to the next level. And let’s not forget about up-and-coming hip-hop group Coast Contra, who seamlessly blend their energy and add a gritty edge to the song’s sparkling sheen. Like the irresistible hits “Level Up” and “Get Up” before it, “Jump” is an infectious hit that will get you moving whether you planned it or not.

So get ready to surrender to the unmistakable beat of “Jump” and let Ciara be your guide as she takes you on a sonic journey that will take your breath away. This is a song that transcends borders and forces even the most hesitant dancers to unleash their inner rhythm. With its infectious energy and undeniable charm, “Jump” is about to become the next must-have addition to your party playlist. Get ready to jump, dance and surrender to the irresistible beat that only Ciara can deliver. The dance floor awaits and there’s no better time to let yourself go and get lost in the magic of Ciara’s musical universe.

Listen to Ciara “Jump” here :