Doechii, the rising star who wowed listeners with her impressive song “Persuasive” and last year’s She/Her/Black Bitch EP, returns with a potential Song of the Summer contender to kick off 2023.

Presented in six different versions, “What It Is” marks a defining moment in Doechii’s journey to mainstream recognition. This song sure sounds like a hit. Drawing on the nostalgic sounds of the late ’90s and early ’00s, sampling TLC’s “No Scrubs” and interpolating Trillville’s “Some Cut”, Doechii effortlessly imbues the song with a melodic wave of nostalgia. . While Doechii doesn’t break new ground with sample and tween, Doechii’s infectious charisma breathes new life into the familiar hook, accompanied by additional 808s that evoke the essence of summer.



Upon release, “What It Is” was criticized by some fans due to a guest verse by Kodak Black. Kodak’s contribution, while forgettable, save for a wryly painful line about the hardships of being black in America, doesn’t overshadow the song’s overall vibe. In fact, the solo version of “What It Is” offers a more elegant experience, showing the true potential of this hit.


Despite the controversy surrounding collaborator choice and reliance on recognizable samples and interpolations, “What It Is” remains an undeniable hit. With its cheerful and fun vibe, the song captures the essence of a carefree and passionate summer date, making it an iconic anthem of the season.

Listen to Doechii & Kodak Black, ‘What It Is’ here: