A few months ago, Ciara made a triumphant return to the music scene with “Jump,” but now she’s upped the ante by teaming up with Atlanta R&B star Summer Walker on the rousing song “Better Thangs.” This collaboration showcases Ciara’s evolution while staying true to the elements that made us fall in love with her in the first place.

The production, directed by Deli Banger, I Am Kevo and Theron Thomas, sets the stage for Ciara and Summer Walker to find a perfect match between their signature sounds. Featuring a sweeping bassline reminiscent of Summer’s hit “Ex for a Reason” and a nod to Ciara’s 2000s discography, “Better Thangs” combines Ciara’s ethereal vocals with powerful kicks and trap rhythms. Summer’s unique performance puts a contemporary twist on Ciara’s rap vocal rhythm, giving her a modern twist.

The theme of the song is crystal clear: Ciara and Summer plead for letting go of the past and moving towards a better future. While the lyrics may be straightforward, the melodic choices on “Better Thangs” are undeniably catchy, striking a balance between familiarity and freshness. The insertion of a thundering instrumental break towards the end of the song gives it undeniable hit status. In fact, it tops the mysterious “Ciara’s Prayer” from Summer’s album Still Over It, making “Better Thangs” a superior collaboration in every way.

This song has the potential to do for Ciara in 2022 what “Body Party” did for her in 2013. It exudes a freshness that “Jump” lacks and surpasses anything found on their previous album “Beauty Marks”. At its core, however, “Better Thangs” is undeniably a Ciara song. From the shimmering graininess of her Atlanta trap base to her signature delicate vocal delivery, this song is a sure-fire winner. As Ciara’s best song of the last seven years, “Better Thangs” is the perfect lead single to kick off CiCi’s highly anticipated new album. Brace yourself for a repeat, as this collaboration is a certified success that showcases Ciara’s continued growth and artistry.

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