The talented Bulletin Award nominee Bree Runway has been wowing audiences with her sporadic music releases in 2022. While a full-length project may not be ready until next year, Bree’s singles have launched her into a sonic realm that stands apart from the world of 2000AND4EVA, showing consistency and uniqueness.

With “That Girl,” her third single of the year following “Pressure” and “Somebody Like You,” Bree draws on dancehall culture to create what might be considered a conventional “bad bitch anthem.” . However, in a year filled with impressive dancehall-influenced hits like Doechii’s “Persuasive” and Beyoncé’s “Pure/Honey,” “That Girl” seems to lack the same vigor and urgency.


The EASYFUN-produced beat falls short in its sparseness and subtlety, struggling to find a perfect balance with Bree’s fiery lyrics. However, Bree showcases her best raps since the hip-hop focus on her 2000AND4EVA mixtape. It explores your timbre and tone, adding a lively touch to otherwise predictable beats. Unfortunately, though, the hook is still shrill and lifeless, a recurring challenge throughout Bree’s 2022 releases, which is rather concerning given her ability to create infectious hooks in 2000AND4EVA.

While “That Girl” may not hit the mark, there are flashes of genius that manage to shine through this otherwise weak song. These glimpses, combined with Bree’s undeniable charisma, are more than enough reason to stay tuned and look forward to her upcoming debut album. As the lead single from the upcoming album, “That Girl” serves as a mere hint of what Bree can achieve, leaving us to look forward to the full artistic expression she will no doubt bring to her future musical endeavors.